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Title:  Pig and Chick - Stuck 

By:  P. Marin

Published 2015

ISBN 9781514343883

48 pages

Size 5.5in x 8.5in

Early Reader/Friendship


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​​Birthdays stumped Pig.  Ever since he met his very good friend Chick, he had everything he ever wanted.  And that made wishing very hard.  So Pig does what any good friend would do.  He gives his wish to Chick.  Here is a story about a birthday and a wish that almost got away.  But, above all, here is a story about friendship.  ​

Title:  Pig and Chick - Pigcasso

By:  P. Marin

Published 2017

ISBN 9780998611990

42 pages

Size 5.5in x 8.5in

Early Reader/Friendship


With Chick stuck in the henhouse and Pig alone in the dark, two friends discover that even in their darkest hour, morning is on its way.  So if you're out there in the world, trying to fit in somewhere you do not, you are not alone.  Pig and Chick are with you. 

By P. Marin


Why Not? 

In “Why Not?” Grandma forgets many things.  With the past all but gone, she jumps feet first into the present.  Alongside her grandson, Henry, she catches raindrops with her tongue and rescues worms stranded by cat-and-dog weather.  Together they find joy in things no longer remembered.

 Send the Pig 

When Mom says, “No dog!”  Henry knows just who to ask.  But when Grandma sends a chicken instead, Henry doesn't think anything could be worse.  That’s when she sends the pig. 

For the Love of Halloween - One Scary Old Ghost Story

Finally, with the bats and witches out for Halloween, the old ghost can get a good night’s rest.  But will he, when an unwelcome lot comes knocking?  “Trick or Treat!”  No wonder he throws lizards and innards into their sacks.  I mean, wouldn’t you?

Just Being

“Just Being” is a story that takes Max and Grandpa on a walk to the park.  Here Max helps us discover the childlike joy in doing as he and Grandpa feed the birds, make mud pies, and build sand castles together.  But it is when Grandpa invites Max into his castle, we get to see the value in that age-old practice of just being. 

Wee Monster in the Closet

From behind the closet door comes a monster tale with a twist.  
When Wee Monster discovers there's a scary little boy living in the room just outside his closet, he pleads, "Leave the light on!  There's a boy out there and he's not like me!"  Will Wee Monster ever find the courage to sleep with the light off? 

Little Red Lucy

Lucy dawns her red cape and drags her basket in to see Grandpa where she notices, "My Grandpa, what pruny hands you have.  What a wrinkly mouth you have.  What a tired body you have."  Grandpa may not always be the wolf who gobbles her up with kisses and hugs, but Lucy is sure of one thing, Grandpa will always be the wolf in her story.    

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Title:  Pig and Chick - The Wish That Got Away

By:  P. Marin

Published 2016

ISBN 9781518732096

42 pages

Size 5.5in x 8.5in

Early Reader/Friendship


​​Pig is determined to be the next great Pigcasso.  But is he willing to do whatever it takes?  Even if that means cutting off his ear?  

Pigcasso is a story for the beginner dreamer about old friends, new ideas, and the discovery that not all masterpieces were made to be hung.  Some were made to flap and waddle.