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p. Marin

Hello!  I can't wait to hear from you.

"It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are."
e. e. cummings​

Someone once told me they wondered about my name, P. Marin.  So in case you wondered too...  

My name is Rachel.  P. Marin is the pen name I use when I write and draw.  I started using it after we brought our son-who I affectionately refer to as the Domestic Zookeeper-home from the hospital.  He's the real Marin.  That night, under the light of the moon, I studied his tiny fingers and toes.  I thought about the places he'd leave his footprints and his finger prints in this world.  I thought about the lives he would touch and about the dreams he would follow.  I knew if he were to grow up and live a life beyond his wildest dreams, it would be helpful if someone led the way.  So after nearly three decades of giving up on my own dream, I picked up my pen.  I decided anything I created, I'd sign it "Prints Marin" (which I ​later shortened to "P. Marin") as a reminder that with every finger print and footprint we leave behind, we make a difference.  

Today you can find Marin's prints all over my heart.  As his world grows and his dreams take hold, I hope they'll find their way to your heart too.  

It's been a pleasure getting to know you and if there's ever anything you wonder, please ask.  I'm an open book, which as I see it, is the best kind of book we can be.

P. Marin