"If you ever wonder whether you have what it takes

to do that thing you love, remember this:

You can.

You always could.”

P. Marin


To create art that draws out the best in us, while encouraging others, through example, to find what they love and to do it often.


A world where we’ve gotten really good at being ourselves, where our hopes and dreams are realized daily. 

find what you love and do it often.

Title:  Pig and Chick - 
When Pig Flies
By:  P. Marin
Published 2020
ISBN 9780998611907
46 pages
Size 5.5in x 8.5in
Early Reader/Friendship


Author.  Illustrator.  Dreamer.

Pig's favorite tree is about to become firewood.  With a little help from his good friend Chick, Pig is determined to save it.  But when Farmer shows up with his axe, Pig quickly discovers, if he is going to save his tree, he will need the courage to fly.

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